Seiryu is 100% crystal clear, mellow soft water-”Real Pure Water”

Key Features of Seiryu

Seiryu is 100% impurity-free, crystal clear, “Real Pure Water.” By introducing the state-of-the-art equipment from the United States, all impurities are eliminated from the water by reverse osmosis membrane (RO), ion sterilization and ozone sterilization. Seiryu is mellow soft water, and it is ideal for making baby’s milk, whisky and water, etc., as it does not disturb the original flavor and aroma. The water may be used with confidence to add further deliciousness to your drinks.


* The state-of-the-art nanotechnology water filtration system with “Reverse Osmosis Membrane” thoroughly removes impurities harmful to the human body. * Removal of trihalomethane * Removal of pesticides * Removal of dissolved lead * Removal of viruses * Removal of chlorine residuals * Removal of radioactive cesium * Removal of radioactive iodine


It is the mission of Seiryu to pursue water purification and safety. All process, from raw material to product shipment is conducted according to the company’s strict standards within its own factory, where specialized staff work under strict hygiene standards, guided by Japanese experts.

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